Monday, November 11, 2019

Now You Can Use Vocaroo Without Flash

For more than a decade I've used whenever I've needed to quickly create an audio recording. The one complaint it about was that it required the use of Flash. And with Flash being deprecated in 2020 it looked like Vocaroo wouldn't be in my toolbox any longer. That changed when I noticed that Vocaroo has a new version that doesn't require Flash. The new version is in beta and can be used at

The beta version of Vocaroo works the same way as the classic version just without the annoying step of enabling Flash. As you can see in my demo below, just go to the site and click record to start recording your audio. When you're done recording you can download an MP3 or embed your recording into a webpage.

Applications for Education
One of the ways that I've used Vocaroo over the years is for recording substitute teacher plans. I simply record my directions for the day and then post them either on my classroom blog or in Google Classroom.

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