Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Practical Ed Tech Podcast Episode #18

This morning I published the eighteenth episode of The Practical Ed Tech Podcast. In this episode I shared a handful of new resources for teachers and students including a great tool that can help students improve their presentations and a great resource for introducing primary sources to elementary school students. As always, in the podcast I answered a handful of questions from readers and listeners. Those questions are included below the recording that is embedded below. Get the complete show notes here.

Listen to episode 18 of The Practical Ed Tech Podcast right here, as embedded below, or on your favorite podcast network.

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Questions from readers answered in the podcast:

Are there any free or inexpensive sites where I can have a webinar with my class and use a whiteboard? 
Really liked your video on Google Drive Any way one can change the DIRECTORY view columns or (for that matter) widen 'File" column (or change the point size of lettering - to see more of the file name) or remove columns "Owner" & "Modified."

I’m aware of all the online sites which can randomly select a name after you upload a list of student names But... I’m looking for a way to upload photos of my students so I can randomly have the site select a photo. (The students are learning how to use adjectives to describe themselves and I would like to project a face onto the screen randomly) I can’t seem to find a site or a method that makes it easy to accomplish this feat... Any ideas? 
I love the automatic grading in Google Forms. My question is, is there way to set a time limit on the quiz but still be able to let kids who are absent take the quiz when they come back to school?  
Our students are about to begin a project creating videos through still images and perhaps some recorded video chunks on their phones. I would like to have them be able to do voice overs, but am unsure of a good web based video editor that I can use that 9th graders can navigate and store their information. Do you have any suggestions for me? 

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