Tuesday, December 10, 2019

3D Printing Solutions to World Issues - Webinar Recording

The second presentation in the Practical Ed Tech Creativity Conference was Jeremy Rinkel's 3D Printing Solutions to World Issues. Here's how Jeremy described the presentation,
With an emphasis and focus on the UN Sustainability Goals, students were challenged to create prototypes or products that would be beneficial in assisting communities and countries in reaching the UN Sustainability Goals. Our first year of 3D printing has brought challenges, but we are learning a lot through problem solving and design. I’ll discuss our journey into 3D printing, the excitement of students in learning about “real-world” challenges and how 3D printing could play a role in solving these issues. Take ideas from our experience, make them your own and help save our world one 3D print at a time.
The video of Jeremy's presentation is embedded below and is also available on my YouTube channel.