Thursday, December 19, 2019

How to Remove Backgrounds from Images With Just One Click

In the past I've shown you how to remove the background from an image using and Photo Scissors. Both of those tools are great, but they only do one thing and that is remove backgrounds. Canva now has a tool that lets you remove the background from an image and then use that image in any of the thousands of graphic design templates that they offer.

In Canva there is now an effects menu that you can utilize whenever you click on an image in the Canva design editor. The effects menu includes a background remover. Just click the option to remove the background and Canva does the rest for you. The background removal tool works with pictures of people, animals, and inanimate objects.

After the background has been removed from your image by Canva's automatic removal tool, you can then download the new image with a transparent background so that you can insert it into any design that like in Canva's huge gallery of design templates.

Watch my new video to learn how you can use Canva's image background removal tool and use your new images in Canva's design tool.

Applications for Education
Canva's new background removal tool could be a great one for students to use to remove the background from images of themselves and then use the new image on a background image of a famous landmark like Mount Rushmore or Buckingham Palace. I might have students create a whole series of images like that by using the presentation template in Canva. Students could write short blurbs about each landmark on each of the slides. Then when the set of slides is complete, students can use Canva's tool for quickly turning the slides into a video.