Monday, December 16, 2019

Need Some Classroom Blog Ideas? Try These Edublogs Resources

For years Edublogs has hosted a list of active classroom blogs. The purpose of the list to offer a place for teachers to find examples of classroom blogs and potentially find blogging buddies for their students. Anyone who has an active classroom blog can add their blog to the list regardless of whether or not the blog is on the Edublogs platform. Edublogs recently published the updated version of the list so take a look and see if anything inspires you to blog with your students.

Edublogs also offers a list of fifty blog post ideas for students. Saying that the list has 50 prompts is a bit misleading, but misleading in a good way. Buried within the list of prompts are links to additional sources of writing prompts including this New York Times list of more than 1,000 writing prompts. Between the 50 prompts that Edublogs provides and the additional links, you will have plenty of things for your students to blog about for the rest of the year. Click here to view Edublogs' 50 Blog Post Ideas for Students. You can even download the list as a PDF right here.

And here's my list of five things that you can do to enhance your blog.

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