Thursday, December 12, 2019

ScriptSlide - A Google Slides Add-on for Pacing Presentations

ScriptSlide is an interesting Google Slides add-on that takes the speaker notes in your Google Slides and displays them in a teleprompter-like screen that you can control with your phone. That might sound complicated, but it's not.

Here's how ScriptSlide works. First, write your presentation with speaker notes as you normally would. Second, enable the ScriptSlide add-on and click the "open ScriptSlide" button that appears in the sidebar. Third, scan the QR code provided by ScriptSlide to control the flow of the script as it appears on your computer's screen. Here's a little video that demonstrates how those three parts work together.

Applications for Education
At first I thought of ScriptSlide as being a tool for typical teleprompter settings like making a video in which you're speaking into a camera. Then I tried the remote control aspect and realized that it could be great for pacing the delivery of notes that you display in your classroom. Just tap the "next" button on your phone when using ScriptSlide to advance the notes that you're displaying in class.