Monday, December 16, 2019

White Christmas Probability Map

My daughters are excited about Christmas being just nine days away. They were also a little sad that all of the snow melted over the weekend. Fortunately, the odds are in our favor that we will have snow on the ground again before Christmas. I know that from experience and from consulting NOAA's Probability of a White Christmas map.

NOAA's Probability of a White Christmas map is one of many maps that NOAA offers in their public ERSI map gallery. The White Christmas map depicts the probability of snow being on the ground in the continental United States on Christmas day. The map is covered in small tiles that you can click on to see what the chances are of having a white Christmas in any location in the continental U.S. The map is based on historical snowfall data for each place depicted on the map.

Applications for Education
This map is just one of dozens that you can find in NOAA's public map gallery. Many of the maps that are based on historical data could be good to reference as studies in recognizing patterns.

H/T to Maps Mania.