Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Now You Can Use Your Own VR Tours in Google Expeditions on iOS

A couple of weeks ago I published a video about how to use your own virtual reality tours in the Android version of Google Expeditions. In that video I mentioned that support for doing the same in the iOS version of Expeditions was coming soon. As of today the wait is over. As Google announced on Twitter about an hour ago, you can now use your own VR tours in the iOS version of Google Expeditions.

To make your own VR tours to use in Google Expeditions you will need to use Google's VR Tour Creator in your web browser. To learn how to use the VR Tour Creator, watch this video.

In the following video I demonstrate how to use your VR Tour Creator tours in Google Expeditions.

Watch this video for an overview of how to lead students in Google Expeditions.

Here's the Latest Thing I Learned About Myself Through Google Alerts

Like any good digital citizen I have Google Alerts set up for my name and related spellings of my name. Over the years I've learned through Google Alerts that there are karate experts, children's authors, voice coaches, and theater critics who are also named Richard Byrne. Yesterday, I made a new discovery about "myself." That discovery is that I was once a professional wrestler who lost a match to King Kong Bundy.

In the summary of Google Alerts that I received yesterday there was a link to an article about the passing of King Kong Bundy. The end of the article stated, "In his very last bout, he defeated Richard Byrne on Dec. 5, 2017." For the record, I have never set foot in a professional wrestling ring, but when I was a little kid I would have loved to.

Watch this video to learn how you can create Google Alerts and learn fun things about yourself.

My Five Favorite Google Sheets Add-ons

Last week and through the beginning of this week I have been featuring my favorite Google Docs, Slides, and Forms add-ons. Today, it is time to share my favorite Google Sheets add-ons. These aren't necessarily the most popular add-ons, but they are the ones that I think of first whenever I'm asked for recommendations for Sheets add-ons to try.

Flippity provides teachers with twenty handy Google Sheets templates for creating things like quiz games, audio flashcards, and progress trackers. Flippity's Google Sheets Add-on that makes all of their templates available with just a couple of clicks in any of your Google Sheets. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to install and use Flippity's Google Sheets Add-on.

Flubaroo is not as popular as it once was, but it is still a great Google Sheets add-on. Flubaroo you grade all at once all of your students' responses to a quiz created in Google Forms. You're probably saying to yourself, "Google Forms does that too." You're right Google Forms does do that, but Flubaroo lets you do more than just grade quizzes. You can use it do things to print score sheets for your students, give students digital badges, and give partial credit for answers. Take a look at this video for an overview of ten things you can do with Flubaroo.

Online Rubric is a Google Spreadsheets Add-on that enables to you create rubrics, enter scores, and email scores to students all from one place. Online Rubric provides very clear instructions for each step of the processes of creating a roster sheet, creating a rubric, and emailing grades to students. The video below provides a demonstration of how to use the Online Rubric Add-on.

Add Reminders is a Google Sheets Add-on that will set-up your spreadsheet so that you simply enter reminder messages and email addresses then specify a date on which you want your reminders sent. The Add Reminders Add-on allows you to send the same reminder to everyone in your email list or you can send individualized reminders to everyone in your email list. Watch the video below to learn how to use the Add Reminders Add-on.

If you're the person in charge of scheduling conference room, computer lab, library, or science lab use, Lab Scheduler is the Add-on for you. This little Add-on will give your Google Sheet an easy-to-follow template for coordinating room use without the need to make a zillion entries in a Google Calendar. Share the Sheet with your staff as view-only so they can see who has reserved a lab.

How to Move Materials Between Your G Suite Accounts

Earlier this week a reader sent me the following question, "Do you have a suggestion for a way to move my folders from one Google drive to another one? I'm moving and want to take with me my work folders." I do have a suggestion. The suggestion is to either download your folders as ZIP files and then upload them to your new account or to simply share the files between the old account and new account. I demonstrate both options and explain a bit more about them in the following video.