Saturday, March 30, 2019

Math Keyboard and More Updates to Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms doesn't get as much coverage on this blog as Google Forms, but that doesn't mean that Microsoft Forms doesn't have some great features. In fact, it has some features that I wish Google would add to Google Forms.

In March Microsoft added some nice features to Microsoft Forms. For students and teachers, the most significant of those new features is the inclusion of a math keyboard. This feature lets students use a virtual keyboard to answer open-ended math questions in Microsoft Forms.

A small, but convenient update to Microsoft Forms lets you launch Forms from the header of

Six G Suite Updates You Might Have Missed in March

Every month Google rolls out new features for G Suite and many of their other products. Some of those updates are irrelevant for teachers and students while others can have a direct impact on how teachers and students use their favorite Google products. If you want to see every update that Google makes to G Suite throughout the month, follow the G Suite Updates Blog. But if you prefer to trust me to filter and pass along the relevant updates, here's what I think were the Google product updates that were relevant for teachers and students.

  • You can now use your own VR tours in Google Expeditions
    • You can use Google's VR Tour Creator through your G Suite account if your domain administrator has enabled it. Those tours can now be used in the Android and iOS versions of Google Expeditions. I wrote about this update and included tutorials here

Cards, Assessments, and Poems - The Week in Review

Good morning from Maine where the April showers have arrived a couple of days early. That's okay because all week long it was sunny and warm which let my kids and dogs get lots of outdoor playtime. Speaking of outdoor playtime, next week I'm hosting a webinar about how to blend technology into outdoor lessons.

This week I didn't do any traveling. I stayed home and hosted some some webinars including a Best of the Web presentation. If you missed my Best of the Web webinar, you can view it right here.

These were the week's most popular posts:
1. Make Trading Cards for Historical and Fictional Characters
2. Fast & Fun Formative Assessment - Slides
3. Langscape - An Interactive Map of Languages
4. Theme Poems and Shape Poems - Activities for Poetry Month
5. How to Create an Activity Tracker With Google Forms & Sheets
6. The Story of the United States Told in 141 Interactive Maps
7. Check Out the Periodic Table of iOS 12 Apps for Education

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