Monday, August 12, 2019

How to Add Video and Audio Comments to Google Docs

The comment bank feature in Google Classroom is nice for quickly adding text comments to your students' Google Documents. But there are times when hearing your voice and or seeing your face can make the feedback that you give to kids a little bit more memorable than just a text comment. That's why I'm a fan of the e-Comments Chrome extension.

e-Comments lets you add voice and video comments to your students' Google Documents. You can also use it to add canned text comments to your students' Google Documents. All of those features are demonstrated in the new video that I published this afternoon. You can see the video on my YouTube channel or as embedded below.

Certify'em Now Has a BCC Option for Distributing Certificates

Certify'em is one of my favorite Google Forms add-ons. It lets you automatically distribute personalized certificates to students when they pass a quiz in Google Forms. I use it at the end of all of my PD webinars as a way to distribute certificates to attendees. You can use Certify'em to distribute one of the standard certificates or you can design your own certificate in Google Slides and have that be the template used when certificates are distributed to your students. A complete Certify'em tutorial is available here.

Over the weekend Certify'em added a convenient BCC feature. This feature allows you have a certificate automatically sent to your student when he/she passes a quiz and have a copy of that certificate sent to a parent, another teacher, a classroom aide, or to anyone else that might want to see the certificate that a student has just received. You can find the BCC option in the advanced options section of Certify'em.

Intro to Animation and Green Screen Videos

Every Thursday afternoon in August I'm hosting a different Practical Ed Tech professional development webinar. Last week's was all about Google Classroom, Calendar, and Keep. This week's webinar is about creating animated videos and green screen videos with your students.

In Intro to Animation and Green Screen Videos you'll learn how your students can make animated videos and green screen videos. Making these types of videos is fun and easy to do with students from grades three through twelve.

Seven Things You Can Learn in the Webinar

  • How to make green screen videos.
  • How to make animated videos even if you can’t draw.
  • The best tools for making animated videos and green screen videos.
  • Tips for creating the best lighting and sound recording environment.
  • Where to get pre-made artwork to use in animated videos.
  • Video project planning steps.
  • How to responsibly publish your students’ video projects.
  • This Thursday at 4pm ET
    • It will be recorded for those who register but cannot attend the live broadcast. 

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