Friday, August 16, 2019

How to Extract Audio from a Video

One of the questions that I answered during today's Practical Ed Tech Live episode was, "is there a way that I can just take the audio out of the videos to publish it as a podcast?" There are a few ways that you can extract the audio from a video. One of the easier ways to do that is found in GarageBand. In the following video I demonstrate how to extract the audio from a video file that you have stored on your computer.

As I mentioned at the end of the video, you should only do this with videos that you created or videos that you have received permission to edit.

If you're looking for an easy way to publish a podcast, take a look at using Anchor makes it easy to publish your MP3 recordings as podcast episodes that get distributed through all of the major podcast platforms.

ICYMI - Practical Ed Tech Live Recording

This morning I hosted a new episode of Practical Ed Tech Live on my YouTube channel. I hadn't held one of these sessions since the last school year ended. For the new school year I'm adding a new element to the broadcast. That element is a recap of some of the bigger stories in the world of educational technology. Of course, I'm still answering questions from readers and viewers like you. The recording of today's episode of Practical Ed Tech Live is now available to view as embedded below and on my YouTube channel.

Here's an outline of what was covered in the broadcast. The outline includes links for many of the things that I mentioned in the video.

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Post-it App for Android - Turn Physical Stickies Into Digital Ones

For many years Post-it has offered a free iPhone and iPad app that you can use to turn a collection of physical sticky notes into digital ones. This morning I discovered that Post-it now offers an Android version of the same app. Both versions of the Post-it app let you snap a picture of a collection of sticky notes that you want to digitize. After snapping the picture you'll be able to sort and group the digitized version of your sticky notes. You can export your digitized stickies and groups of stickies as PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel files. Watch the video below to see how the Post-it app works.

On a related note, Amazon currently offers a 10% discount on Post-it notes and other 3M products on this page when you use the discount code 10OFFCOLLEGE.

Applications for Education
As I've written before, this app is good for digitizing the output of a brainstorming session that started with physical notes. You could have students carry-out brainstorming sessions with physical notes then go around the room with one iPad or Android tablet to create a digital record of those notes. Then project the app through an LCD projector or interactive whiteboard to show students all of the notes and talk about which notes should be sorted into various categorized boards in the app.

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