Sunday, August 18, 2019

ImageCodr Makes it Easy to Give Image Attribution

Properly citing Creative Commons licensed works can sometimes be a confusing, multi-step process. ImageCodr makes that process easier.

ImageCodr generates properly formatted Creative Commons attributions for images that you find on Flickr. Once you've found a Flickr image that you want to use just paste its URL into the ImageCodr code generator to get a properly formatted image code with Creative Commons attribution.

Applications for Education
ImageCodr could be a good tool for students to use when they're adding images to blog posts. ImageCodr gives students all of the code and attributions necessary for using a Creative Commons image found on Flickr in their blog posts.

How to Use Socratic by Google

Last week Google announced the release of an updated version of the Socratic app. Socratic is now owned by Google and is therefore called Socratic by Google in the app store. The free iPhone and iPad app (Android version available in the fall) lets students take a picture of a problem, question, or phrase and get some helpful information about that problem, question, or phrase.

In the case of a math problem, Socratic by Google will give students an explanation of the problem and videos about how to solve it. Socratic by Google will also provide links to Google search results related to the problem.

When students use Socratic by Google to take a picture of a question or of an unfamiliar term the app will display helpful definitions, videos, and diagrams. In other words, it does what a Google search does.

In the following video I demonstrate how Socratic by Google works.

8 Epic Tools to Try This School Year - A Podcast With Vicki Davis

A few weeks ago I Vicki Davis invited me to be a guest on her fantastic 10 Minute Teacher Podcast. As the title implies, in the podcast I shared an overview of eight educational technology tools that can be used in almost any classroom. You can find the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast on all major podcast distribution networks. You can also listen to it directly on Vicki's Cool Cat Teacher blog and on YouTube.

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