Sunday, October 6, 2019

Online Safety Tip Sheets, Posters, and More

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Stop.Think.Connect. has a large collection of posters, tip sheets, and videos that you can use to promote good online safety practices in your school or office. You can find all of them in this gallery which can be sorted according to resource type (poster, tip sheet, video, meme).

The Stop.Think.Connect. tip sheets can be previewed online then downloaded as PDFs to print and distribute to students and adults. Many of the tip sheets are available in Spanish, French, and Turkish in addition to English. Likewise, the posters in the collection are available in multiple languages.

Here's a couple of the videos from the Stop.Think.Connect. resources gallery.

Lesson Plan Submit - A Handy Tool for Reviewing Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Submit is a Google Docs add-on that is designed to make it easy for student-teachers or teachers to submit lesson plans for someone else to review. That other person could be another teacher or a supervisor.

Lesson Plan Submit is easy to use. Once the add-on is installed you simply click the "prepare submission" button in the add-on, answer a couple of short questions, then enter the email address of the person who is going to review the lesson plan. That person doesn't even need to have a Google account because he or she will receive an email that has a Google Docs copy and a PDF copy of the lesson plan to review.

Watch my short video that is embedded below to see how Lesson Plan Submit works from the perspective of the lesson plan writer and the reviewer.

How to Find and Edit Thousands of Halloween Games for Your Classroom

As I write this there are two mini pumpkins on my desk courtesy of my daughters. If you're an elementary school teacher, I bet that there are plenty of visual reminders of fall and or anticipation of Halloween around your school. As Halloween gets closer and you think about reviewing trick o' treating safety or Halloween trivia, take a look at the thousands of games on the topic that are available in Kahoot's public gallery.

Playing Kahoot games is a fun way to review almost anything including Halloween safety. That's why I made the following video to demonstrate how you find and modify Halloween safety games in Kahoot. This video is an update from a similar one that I created last year.

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