Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Using Google Slides to Design a Mobile App

This fall I'm teaching a couple of computer science courses. One of the courses is designed for freshmen students to get a broad overview of all the possible avenues to pursue in computer science. Currently, they're exploring some app design concepts with an end goal of putting together a functioning Android app with the MIT App Inventor.

In an effort to make my students think about all of the menus, items, and media that their apps will need, I have my students using Google Slides to outline the design of their apps. They're doing this by having each slide in their slidedecks represent a screen in their apps. Then they're using the hyperlinking function in Google Slides to link between the slides in their slidedecks. Again, that's done to simulate tapping screens in the apps they're designing. In the following video I explain this process a bit more.

Find Halloween ELA Articles on ReadWorks

Last week I shared a Halloween-themed physical education lesson and instructions on how to find and modify Kahoot games about Halloween. Those of you who are looking for Halloween-themed stories to use in ELA lessons could do well to turn to this collection on ReadWorks.

The bulk of the Halloween collection on ReadWorks features articles for a  K-8 audience with a few 9-12 articles mixed in. The articles covered topics like the history of Halloween, pumpkin farms, and the history of ghost stories. Like all ReadWorks articles, you'll find comprehension questions and vocabulary sets to accompany the articles. A read aloud feature is also available in ReadWorks.

Of course, now that ReadWorks allows students to choose their own articles to read, you could just let your students pick a Halloween article on their own.

More Halloween resources can be found in the following articles: