Thursday, October 17, 2019

Slido - Create and Run Polls Within Your Google Slides

Slido is a polling tool that has recently launched a Google Slides add-on and a corresponding Chrome extension. With Slido installed you can create polls directly in the Google Slides editor. The poll will appear as a slide in your presentation. The poll slide includes your question and the directions for your audience to respond to your poll.

When your audience responds to your poll their responses will appear on the slide. By using Slido's Google Slides add-on you don't have to toggle between your presentation and a polling website in order to view poll responses.

Watch the following short video to see how Slido works.

What Causes a Recession?

The U.S. stock market has been on a historic bull run over the last decade. That has a lot of people asking and a lot of talking heads on CNBC speculating about when the next recession will hit. Fittingly, TED-Ed has a new lesson titled What Causes an Economic Recession?

By watching What Causes an Economic Recession? students can learn about the roles of interest rates, inflation, and employment rates in causing and easing economic recessions. The lesson also indirectly hits on the topic of monetary supply. You can view the video and lesson questions here or watch the video as embedded below.

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