Friday, January 10, 2020

Reverb Record - Quickly Create Voice Recordings

Reverb is a relatively new service (still in beta) that is designed to let people create short voice recordings to share with others. The concept is similar to Voxer and Synth in that you can record a message for a group to listen to and then members of that group can reply with voice messages of their own. Reverb Record is a recording tool offered by Reverb that you can to record and share with the world.

To use Reverb Record simply go to the website, click the microphone icon, and start talking. Click the microphone icon to stop the recording when you're done. You can then share your message via social media or by embedding your recording into a blog post. Registration is not required in order to use Reverb Record.

Applications for Education
Reverb Record could be a convenient tool to use to create a short audio recording for your students and or their parents to listen to. I've used Vocaroo in the past to record sub plans for my classes to listen to and Reverb Record could be used in the same way.