Friday, February 7, 2020

10 Things You Can Learn at the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp

Snow and sleet is falling here in Maine, I'm on the second day of a brutal chest cold, and 25% of my students were absent earlier this week. In other words, it's the perfect time to think about summer and all of the good things that come with summer. One of those good things that I'm looking forward to is hosting the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp.

Tickets went on sale last week. There are still some discounted super-early registration tickets available. If you're thinking about coming this year (this is the seventh time I've hosted it), here is a list of ten things you can learn and then use in your classroom.

Ten Things You Can Learn at the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp

1. How to create fun and engaging search lessons.

2. How to implement some workflow hacks to free up time to take care of yourself throughout the school year.

3. How to make and use virtual reality and augmented reality experiences in your classroom.

4. How to blend technology into outdoor lessons.

5. How create engaging video projects with your students.

6. How to produce podcasts with students.

7. How to design and publish simple mobile apps.

8. How to use technology to craft meaningful formative assessments (we'll go beyond Kahoot and Gimkit).

9. How to create a plan to make the most of the technology you have in your school.

10. How Arduino electronics and programming work and how you can use it in your classroom. You'll get your own kit to take home!

Only seven days left to get the lowest price I've ever offered for the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp!