Friday, February 7, 2020

ClassDojo Adds an Events Feature

This week ClassDojo introduced a new feature that, according to Twitter responses, seems to be exciting for many teachers who use ClassDojo. The new feature is called Events and it lets teachers post event notices for parents to see in the ClassDojo app and website. ClassDojo even handles sending automated reminders of the events that teachers have created.

The types of things that teachers can post as ClassDojo Events include field trips, classroom parties, conferences, or due dates for returning important paperwork. Once an event is scheduled parents can see it in the ClassDojo app and website and receive reminders in the same place. If parents have push notifications turned on, they're more likely to see the reminders.

Applications for Education
ClassDojo Events has the potential to be a great tool for keeping parents informed about important and interesting things that are happening in your classroom. This feature is another sign of ClassDojo's commitment to evolving beyond its early days as a behavior reporting tool.