Saturday, February 1, 2020

Think Like a Coder - My Freshmen Love These Videos!

Think Like a Coder is a series that TED-Ed started publishing last September. They're cartoons that present a riddle or puzzle that is solved by using the logic that one would use to create a computer program. The basic premise of the series is that the main characters Ethic and Hedge have to collect artifacts and solve puzzles.

The latest episode of Think Like a Coder was released this week. It's best to watch the series in order, but you can jump into any of the videos you'll still get a little lesson out of it.

As I said in the title, my freshmen in Intro to Computer Science love these videos. I didn't think that they would so I didn't plan to show them. Then last week we had wrapped up for the day and had a little time so I put one on just to see how they'd react, they really liked the first episode and now we've gone through all of them.

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