Thursday, March 5, 2020

Unscreen - Remove and Replace Video Backgrounds With Just a Click

In the last few months I've shared a some good tools for quickly removing the background from images. I even made a video about how to use Canva to remove and replace the background in your images. But until this morning when I read this Tweet from Greg Kulowiec I didn't know of any tools to do the same with video without launching into a fully featured video editor like WeVideo or iMovie. Greg's Tweet mentioned using Unscreen to remove the background from videos.

Unscreen is a free tool that you can use to remove the background from any video clip that you have stored on your computer. Simply upload your video and Unscreen will remove the background. Once the background is removed you can replace it with a stock image from Unscreen or with an image that you upload from your computer. The catch is that Unscreen will only give you a GIF or PNG from your video and its replaced background. That's how I ended up with the image featured in this blog post.

Applications for Education
Just like when using Canva or to strip the background from an image, Unscreen could be a good option for students to use to remove the background from videos then virtually place themselves in front of landmarks. The GIFs that result from that process could then be placed into a slideshow or audio-slideshow video about a series of landmarks.