Monday, April 13, 2020

How to Post Videos in Google Sites so Everyone Can See Them

Last week someone emailed me asking why her students couldn't see the videos that she was posting on Google Sites. This isn't an uncommon problem. The issue almost always is found with the settings on the video itself and not on Google Sites.

When posting a video on Google Sites you need to make sure that the video itself is set for public viewing. If you are including a video that you have in your Google Drive account, you need to change its privacy to "anyone with the link can view" or else it won't be visible to anyone but you. Similarly, when you insert a video from your YouTube account into Google Sites, you need to make sure that video isn't set to private. I explain and demonstrate how to use Google Drive videos in Google Sites in the following video.

Watch this video for an overview of using YouTube, Google Drive, and Vimeo videos in Google Sites.