Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How to Share Your Videos in Google Classroom - With and Without YouTube

A lot of teachers are making their own instructional videos for the first time. Whether you make them using screencasting tools, by converting slides into videos, or by just using the camera on your Chromebook, you're going to need a way to share your videos with your students. In this post you'll see a few ways to share your videos in Google Classroom with and without using YouTube. All of those methods are outlined in the screenshots and video below.

Upload as an announcement in Google Classroom
In this method you simply create a new announcement in your Google Classroom then attach the video file that is stored on your computer to the announcement.

Share as an announcement via Google Drive
In this method you will upload a video to your Google Drive and then post it as an announcement in Google Classroom. This is a good option if you used your Chromebook or smartphone to make a video and saved it in your Google Drive. When you do this, the video will automatically change to "shared" in your Google Drive.

Post as a material in Google Classroom
This method has you sharing your video as a material in the classwork section of your Google Classroom. You can either upload the video directly or import from your Google Drive just as you can do in announcements.

Post as an assignment in Google Classroom
With this method you can post your video as part of an assignment in Google Classroom. This is a good option if you want to a copy of the video placed in each of your students' Google Drives. This is also a good option if you want to attach a question sheet to go along with your video.

Upload to YouTube as an "unlisted" video then share in Google Classroom
If you want to use YouTube to host your videos, but don't want every random person on the web to be able to find it, try using the "unlisted" option when you upload your videos to your YouTube account. You'll still be able to share a link to your video in Google Classroom as an announcement, as a material, or as an announcement. That method and the ones above are outlined in the video below.

Share from Screencastify directly to Google Classroom
Screencastify has an option to share your screencast videos directly to your Google Classroom account.

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