Saturday, April 11, 2020

Screencastify Submit Looks Promising - Easy Way for Students to Make Videos

Thanks to John Padula this morning I learned about a new Screencastify feature called Screencastify Submit. This feature is currently in beta and you have to apply to get access to it, but it does look promising. I've applied and I hope to get access to it soon.

Screencastify Submit will let you create an assignment for your students to complete by making videos with Screencastify. The neat thing about it is you can post the assignment link in Google Classroom or any other LMS and when students click the link they can instantly start recording. Students don't need to have the Screencastify extension installed in order to record videos via Screencastify Submit. Students also don't need a Screencastify account. After students have finished recording their videos are automatically uploaded to your Google Drive for you to review.

Watch this short video to see how Screencastify Submit works.

Applications for Education
As I wrote in an email to John, I think that Screencastify Submit could be a great tool to use with my Comp Sci students. This will make it easier for them to record videos for the assignments I give them to demonstrate and explain pieces of code that they develop. Additionally, I like that Screencastify Submit will organize students' submissions in my Google Drive.

In the past I've had students use Screencastify and Brush Ninja together to create science videos. You can read about that here.

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