Monday, May 4, 2020

Free Webinar - A Framework for Using Educational Technology

Whenever I'm a guest on a podcast I always asked some variation on the question, "how do you decide what to write about?" The answer is simple, I try to look at new technology through the framework of discovery, discussion, and demonstration. That little framework helps me decide what I'll use in my classroom and what I'll recommend to others.

This Thursday at 3pm ET I'm going to host a free webinar titled Discovery, Discussion, Demonstration - A Framework for Using Educational Technology. In the webinar I'll explain how I use this framework to evaluate and choose educational technology tools. And I'll give examples of how to use each part of the framework. You can register here to join me on Thursday at 3pm ET.

A recording and copy of my slides will be available to those who attend the live webinar. If you can't attend the live broadcast this week, I'll run it again next week at a different time.