Friday, May 1, 2020

Ofee - Host Online Experiences to Teach and Share

Ofee is a new service that lets anyone who has a lesson to teach, share it with the world in a live online setting. Ofee was developed by three high school students. This morning I had a Zoom meeting with one of those students (and his mom) and got a tour of how Ofee works. It's simple and impressive.

You can use Ofee to host an online experience or to participate in an experience. To host an experience just register on the site then sign in and click "add experience." From there Ofee will walk you through six easy steps to create your online experience. The most important step is creating an online meeting using Zoom (you can use Zoom's free plan), then making that information available to people who register for your Ofee experience. Once you've created your experience it has to be approved before you can go live.

As the host of an Ofee experience you can offer multiple days and times for your event. You can also specify how many people can register. You could schedule one-on-one sessions or let dozens of people attend.

People looking to participate in an Ofee experience can go to the site and browse for an experience. There are experiences on a wide range of topics including fitness, camping, closet organization, job interview skills, and more. In fact, I'm hosting an experience next week on time-saving tips for G Suite users. There are ten slots available for the free experience I'm hosting.

Through Ofee people can offer paid and free experiences. The one I'm hosting is free. People who are looking to earn a little money through online tutoring might find Ofee to be a great way to make their services available for reasonable fee.

I'm looking forward to trying Ofee with a live group next week. I'll report back here after the experience with more information about this promising new service developed by students.

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