Monday, June 8, 2020

Create Virtual Class Pictures With Pixton EDU

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As the school year winds down those of us who still have classes in June may be looking for some ways to replicate our typical end-of-year activities. One of those activities could be a class photograph. While you probably can't get your students together for a photograph, you can create a class picture in Pixton EDU.

Current Pixton EDU users probably know that each of the students in your classroom account can create his or her own avatar. Students can customize those avatars to look like themselves or any other way that they want to represent themselves. You can then arrange those avatars into a class picture.

To create a class picture in Pixton EDU you simply need to sign into your teacher account then pick the class for which you want to create a group picture. Once you've selected your class you can then choose "class photo" from the top menu. As soon as you do that a class picture that includes all of your students' avatars will be automatically generated for you. You can download the picture directly from your Pixton EDU account.

The other way to create a class picture in Pixton EDU is to go into your account and create a new comic. In your new comic you can add the avatars of yourself and your students to one comic frame in front of any of the backgrounds that you want to use. Once you have positioned all of the avatars you can save the comic and download your comic frame as an image.

Either of these methods can be used to create a nice virtual class picture featuring the avatars of all of your students. Consider saving the picture and using it in an end-of-year newsletter to parents and students.

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