Thursday, January 9, 2020

A Mostly Complete Guide to Classroom Blogging

Over the last couple of weeks I've published some lengthy blog posts about classroom blogging activities and tools for classroom blogging. Those posts were excerpts from a longer piece that I've been working on. That longer piece is almost done. For lack of a more creative title, I'm calling it A Mostly Complete Guide to Classroom Blogging.

In A Mostly Complete Guide to Classroom Blogging you'll find a glossary of blogging terms, a comparison of blogging platforms, a list of K-12 blogging activities, and some suggestions for classroom blogging ground rules.

You can get a Google Docs copy of A Mostly Complete Guide to Classroom Blogging right here.

How to Use the New Creative Commons Chrome Extension

Earlier this week Creative Commons released a new Chrome extension that enables users to find Creative Commons licensed images without having to leave the browser tabs their currently viewing. With the CC Search Browser Extension installed users can find images from more than a dozen hosts of Creative Commons licensed works. The extension not only provides images for download, it also provides all of the attribution information needed for the images. And to help users keep track of their images, the CC Search Browser Extension provides a bookmarking capability. Watch my video that is embedded below to see how the new CC Search Browser Extension works.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for sharing the CC Search Browser Extension in his Ed Tech Digest post. 

Applications for Education 
The CC Search Browser Extension could be a great little tool for students to use to quickly find some pictures that they can use in slideshows and video projects. It should be noted that a lot of the results through the extension come from Flickr so if Flickr is blocked in your school the search results could be limited.