Monday, February 3, 2020

The 2020 Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp Registration is Open

Every summer except one since 2013 I've hosted the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp here in Maine. Last year I moved it to a new location within the state and it was the best location yet! That’s why I’m excited to announce that this year we’re going to be back at the Bethel Inn Resort for two days of hands-on learning on July 13th and 14th.

New Topics and Events for 2020!
This year some new things will be added to the agenda. This year will include a section about programming simple electronics using Arduino. To that end, every participant will get an Arduino starter kit this year. And in response to many suggestions, I’m adding more time to explore podcasting this year. Of course, as in the past, the pace of the two days will reflect the needs and interests of those in attendance.

Evening Social!
One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do is to host a social gathering in the evening for those who want to continue the conversations that started during the day or just get to know other passionate educators. This year there will be an optional evening social ($25) at Steam Mill Brewing just walking distance from the resort. Tickets will be available for this optional activity in a couple of weeks.

Register Early and Save $75!
Just like in the past, registration will be capped at 25. There is a limited number of super-early registration tickets. Register online by February 14th and you’ll get the lowest price I’ve ever offered for the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp (registration must be completed online to get the super-early discount price).

Group Discounts, POs, and other FAQs
I do offer a group discount for three or more people coming from the same school district. The discount can’t be applied to the super-early ticket pricing but can be applied to the other registration tickets. Send an email to richard(at) for details.

Need to use a purchase order? No problem. Just send me an email to get that process started.

Have more questions? This page covers everything you need to know about traveling to Bethel, Maine, things for kids and spouses to do in the area, and more.

Word Webs - Quickly Create Webs of Related Words

Word Webs is a free site that generates connected webs based on the words you enter and select. Generate a web simply head to the site and enter a word. A web of six related words will be generated on the screen. Click on any of those six words to have another connected web created.

Word Webs also has a random word option. Select "random" from the drop-down menu at the top of the page and web will be created for a randomly chosen word. You can then click on the words in that web to generate more connected word webs.

Applications for Education
Word Webs could be a handy tool to use to generate some story starters. It might also be useful to help students come up with some different words to try in their Google or Bing searches.

Inflation Calculator - Show Students Changes in the Value of Money

When I was a kid a 3 Musketeers bar cost 30 cents at my favorite shop, North End Pharmacy. The last time that I saw one in a gas station it cost $1.39. That's ridiculous! What happened? Inflation, happened.

I like to use that candy bar example whenever I begin to explain inflation to kids. t's a product they're familiar with and usually have a good sense of its current value. If you want to come up with other examples or have students explore the impact of inflation on their own, take a look at the new Inflation Calculator created by

The Inflation Calculator lets you enter a dollar amount then select two years to see the change in the value of the original dollar amount over time. Watch this short video to see how it works.

H/T to Product Hunt

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