Monday, February 10, 2020

Headliner - A Good Alternative to Adobe Spark Video

In the last episode of the Practical Ed Tech Podcast I answered the following question from a reader,
"I was wondering if I may ask for a suggestion/recommendation. I have some eighth grade students creating videos incorporating music. I'd prefer not to use adobe spark because I don't want the adobe logo on each slide. What would you suggest? Their devices are managed by the school so it needs to be a free app that I can push out."
My answer to the question was to take a look at Headliner. Headliner is a browser-based video editor. It has more editing features than Adobe Spark but not quite as many as WeVideo. Headliner provides four tracks for editing the pictures, video clips, text, and audio files that you use to create your videos. There is an integrated audio library as well as integrated image search tool. There is also a tool for adding and editing captions in your videos.

Headliner provides its "pro" version for free to schools. The pro version removes all watermarks. Finished videos can be saved without watermarks for free.

Three Easy Steps to Encourage Technology Integration

This afternoon I hosted a short webinar titled Three Easy Steps to Encourage Technology Integration. I recorded the webinar for those who couldn't attend the live broadcast. The recording is now available to view on my YouTube channel. The slides that I used during the webinar can be seen as embedded below.