Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Tower of Epiphany - A New "Think Like a Coder" Lesson

A month ago I wrote about how much my freshmen computer science students are enjoying TED-Ed's Think Like a Coder series. The latest installment in the series was published last week and my students watched it on Friday morning. They enjoyed it as much as the previous installments.

Like the previous episodes of Think Like a Coder, the new episode titled The Tower of Epiphany features the main characters Ethic and Hedge having to solve a puzzle using the logic that a coder would use. At the first pause prompt in the episode two of my students blurted out, "use a loop!" and they were right.

I had planned to make my students watch The Tower of Epiphany in an Edpuzzle lesson, but I ended up just playing it on the big screen in my classroom instead. They had finished everything else for the day a little early so watching the video together was a good way to end the day.

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