Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Save and Use Multiple Signatures in Gmail

Google has introduced a new Gmail feature that could be helpful to anyone who has ever struggled with choosing what to put in his or her email signature. Gmail will now let you create multiple signatures, save them, and pick the one you want to use on each of the messages you send. For example, you could create one signature for emails that you're sending to your students and one signature for emails that you're sending to colleagues.

The new multiple signature feature is going to be rolled-out over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Applications for Education
I see a lot of email signatures in emails from teachers. Some use signatures to remind students of norms and protocols while others use the signature to remind students about important school events. Some teachers use the signature to provide a motivational quote. While that's a great for students to read, it might not always give the impression wanted in communicating with people other than students. Gmail's new multiple signatures feature could be useful in letting you create a signature for emails you send to students and one for emails that you send to colleagues and or parents.

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