Friday, March 20, 2020

The Practical Ed Tech Podcast - Episode 39 - We're All Online

In this week's episode of The Practical Ed Tech Podcast I share some new resources for teaching online, some upcoming free PD opportunities, and some cool activities to pass along to parents who are looking for educational activities to do at home with their kids. I also shared my thoughts about teaching online and what I'm doing to try to make the transition to online learning as easy as possible for my students now that my school is closed until April 27th. The episode also includes some tips on working from home from my experience of doing it for almost a decade. And, as always, I answered questions from readers, listeners, and viewers like you.

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Free Online Live & Recorded AP US, AP World, and AP Government Classes

Tom Richey is a name that is probably familiar to history teachers who have followed my blog over the years. Tom is a AP US, AP World, and AP Government teacher who has a hugely popular YouTube channel. He also publishes some excellent PowerPoint templates for history teachers. This week he hosted free online and interactive classes for students in AP US, AP World, and AP Government classes. He had his slides and lecture ready to go and also answered questions from students as they came in via chat. If you missed the live class, you can go back and watch them here on his YouTube channel.

Tom's planning to host classes three times per week for at least the next couple of weeks. Students can sign up here to participate and be notified when the classes are live.

Three Ways to Share Docs in Google Classroom - When to Use Each

As you might guess, I'm getting flooded with requests for help with all kinds of things related to online teaching and learning. I'm doing my best to respond to all of them although I am placing priority on the requests from my colleagues at my school. One of the requests that I got was to create an explanation of the best ways to share documents in Google Classroom. That's why I made the following video that outlines three ways to share documents through Google Classroom, what each method looks like on the teacher and student side, and when you might want to use each of the methods.

Reminder - Free Webinar About Online Learning Activities - Today at 1pm ET

As mentioned earlier this week, at 1pm ET today Rushton Hurley (founder of Next Vista and all around great guy) is hosting a free webinar about online learning activities. I'll be dropping into the webinar as well.

There are a few components to today's free Next Vista webinar.

  • How assignments can work for those who have just switched to online learning.
  • Help teachers see a particular activity, done as online learning, for littles, upper elementary, middle schoolers, and high school students.
  • A look at a contest for identifying the cool learning students experience in their school. And also a video contest focused on those who make life better for others.

Register for the webinar here.

And on this page you can find a recording of the webinar that Rushton hosted last week.