Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Week in Review - The Most Popular Posts

Good evening from Maine where the sun has set on a beautiful summer day. I hope that you are having a great weekend!

Unlike last week in which I hosted more than a dozen webinars, this week I didn't host any. I am going to host a few webinars next week. One of them is a live Q&A with my friend Rushton Hurley from Next Vista for Learning. Register here to join us for that free webinar.

As I do every weekend, I've assembled a list of the most popular posts of the week. Take a look!

These were the week's most popular posts:
1. Convert Handwritten Notes Into Google Documents
2. How to Make a Digital Bookshelf in Google Slides
3. How to Create a Timed Quiz in Google Classroom
4. 5 Alternatives to Traditional Book Report Projects
5. How to Convert a PDF Into a Google Document
6. Preparing for the Worst With Zoom, Dual Monitors, Microphones, and More
7. Phidgets - A Fun, Free, Hands-on Way to Learn Python, Java, and More

Back to School PD Opportunities
This week I received a bunch of requests to host PD webinars for the start of the school year. If you'd like to have me host a PD session for your school, please send me a note at richardbyrne (at) to learn more about how we can work together.

Thank You for Your Support!
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What Did You Watch in July?

Nearly 27,000 people are now subscribed to my YouTube channel. On my channel I publish screencast videos about all kinds of things including how to make videos, how to do interesting things with Google Slides, how to publish a podcast, and many other topics. Most of the videos are made to address questions that people send to me.

YouTube provides channel owners with interesting statistics about their channels. Some of those statistics include the cumulative time spent watching videos, the time spent watching individual videos, and the average length of time spent viewing videos on the channel. Based on that information, the following were the five most popular videos on my channel in July.

The Basics of Creating a Quiz in Google Forms

How to Host an Online Meeting With Zoom

Use Whiteboards in Google Meet Without Screensharing

How to Create a QR Code for a Google Form

How to Create a Video With Canva

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