Thursday, August 27, 2020

Getting Started With Flipgrid - Teacher & Student Views

In the last month I've shared videos about how to make split screen videos in Flipgrid and how to make whiteboard videos in Flipgrid. It was pointed out to me, in the form of a reader request, that those are great features once you know how to use the basics of Flipgrid. To help people get started with Flipgrid, I made the following video.

I think it's important to understand what students see when they use a tool that you've assigned to them. For that reason I've included the teacher and student views of Flipgrid in my getting started video that is embedded below.

What is Flipgrid?
In a nutshell, it's a free tool for posting discussion prompts for your students to respond to with short videos that they record directly in the Flipgrid website or Flipgrid app.

How to Use Remind to Send Messages to Multiple Classes at the Same Time

Yesterday I posted a video about how to get started using Remind to send text messages from your computer to students and their parents. This morning a high school teacher asked me if it would be better to have just one large class in Remind or multiple classes in Remind representative of her schedule with multiple classes. My suggestion is to have a Remind class for each actual class. Then you can use the option to send the same message to all classes or choose to send it to just one class. That's what I demonstrate in this new video.

Applications for Education
Creating multiple classes in Remind is a great way to organize all of the classes that you teach. If you, like I did for years, have multiple sections of the same course you know that it's almost impossible to keep them on the same schedule throughout the semester. That's why I'd have a different Remind class for each class I taught. Then I could easily send the same message to all classes when necessary and send differentiated messages when necessary.

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