Thursday, February 11, 2021

Wakelet Adds Reactions

Wakelet is a service that continues to add useful features for teachers and students. One of the ways that I like to use Wakelet is to have students share things that they've learned during the week. This week Wakelet added a new feature that let's you quickly give feedback to your students and for students to give feedback to each other. That new feature is called Reactions. With Wakelet Reactions you and your students can give feedback in the forms of thumbs-up emojis, smiles, similar positive reactions. 

In this short video I demonstrate how to use Wakelet's new Reactions feature. 

Applications for Education
Using reactions is a quick and easy way to provide some feedback to your students when they post in a Wakelet collection. In this blog post I outlined five ways that you can use Wakelet in your classroom.

Watch this video to learn how to start using Wakelet.