Thursday, August 12, 2021

Fascinating Folks on Next Vista for Learning

 Rushton Hurley, my pal from Next Vista for Learning, is starting a new webinar series called Fascinating Folks: Educators Engaging Entreprenuers. In Rushton's words, "The idea is to find interesting people creating tools for the education world, and talk to them in a far more intelligent and productive setting than you might find when someone is trying to sell you something, which isn’t the focus of this series."

The first episode is this Friday at 4:30pm ET/ 1:30pm PT. You can register to attend right here. The first guest in the series is Brett Kopf whose name some of you might recognize as one of the co-founders of Remind. He has a new venture called Omella that is focused on making it easier for organizations like schools and non-profits to collect payments.

I talked with Rushton earlier this week and he shared with me the names of some of the other guests that will be appearing in the Fascinating Folks series. I think you'll be fascinated by hearing from them.