Friday, December 16, 2022

Create Animations from Audio in Adobe Express

I like to end the week with something fun. If you do too, head over to Animate from Audio hosted by Adobe Express. Animate from Audio is a fun little tool that matches your spoken words to an animated character of your choosing. The finished product is a fun little video that you can download as an MP4 and or share on your favorite websites. 

To create a video with Animate from Audio simply head to the site then select the character that you want to animate. Then record your spoken audio. After recording your audio Adobe Express then matches your audio to movements of your chosen character. The more inflection you use in your spoken audio, the more movement you'll see in the character. Watch the video that is embedded below to see how Animate from Audio works. 

Video - Turn Your Audio Into Animation With Adobe Express

Applications for Education
In the video above I hinted at the idea of creating a few talking animations with Animate from Audio and then stringing them together in another video editor. By doing that students could create short videos to bring to life short stories they written. Making animations like that is also one of the many things that I teach in my online course, Animated Explanations.

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