Friday, February 11, 2022

Three Common Google Forms Mistakes - And How to Avoid Them

I've been helping teachers create quizzes with Google Forms for well over a decade. And over that time there's a pattern to the Google Forms problems that teachers bring to me. My completely unscientific data on this tells me that about 90% of all problems with Google Forms quizzes come down to one of three issues. 

The most common mistakes I see teachers make when creating quizzes with Google Forms are:

  • Releasing answers right away. 
    • That's a problem if you don't want students to know the answers before the whole class has had a chance to complete the quiz. 

  • Forgetting to assign point values. 
    • This is an annoying issue because then you have to manually update scores. 

  • Forgetting to collect student information. 
    • This can be avoided by using Google Classroom. 
Watch this short video to learn how to avoid these common Google Forms mistakes. 

Bonus! Watch to the end of the video to learn how to avoid a common "bonus question" mistake in Google Forms.

A New Academic Feature in YouTube Studio

Yesterday morning I uploaded a new video to my YouTube account and noticed a new set of options that appeared when I selected the education category. Now when you upload a video to your YouTube account and select the education category you can also add additional subcategory labels to your video. Those options include academic system (by country), grade level, and content standards. If you haven't seen these new options, watch this short video that I made about them. 

Applications for Education
It's too early to tell, but I hope that these new categorization options for academic videos on YouTube will make it easier for students and teachers to locate helpful academic videos.

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