Saturday, March 5, 2022

Games, NASA, and Timelines - The Week in Review

Good morning from Maine where I'm solo parenting for the first time in a few years. Wish me and my kids luck! I think we'll do just fine. We have ski lessons, sledding, and eating pizza on our list of fun things for the weekend. I hope you have a list of fun things for your weekend too. 

This week I didn't host any webinars. I'm making up for that by hosting two webinars next week. The first one is on Wednesday and is for people who have recently purchased a copy of my 50 Tech Tuesday Tips ebook. More details about that webinar can be found here. Then on Thursday I'm co-hosting Two EdTech Guys Take Questions. That webinar is open to all who wish to join. You can get more details about it here

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PowerPoint Cameo Looks Cool and Could be Useful

On the heels of yesterday's post about making better Zoom presentations here's another post about a tool that could improve your online presentations. Microsoft recently added a new feature to PowerPoint. That feature is called Cameo. 

Cameo is a PowerPoint feature that lets you import a live stream of your webcam into your slides. In other words as your slides are presented your webcam feed appears in the slides. You can position the feed to appear anywhere on your slides. You can even put the feed inside a little frame or outline in your slides. 

Cameo is a feature that is currently only available to those who are Microsoft Office Insiders. I am not one so I've only seen the feature demonstrated by Mike Tholfsen who explains it more in this short video

Applications for Education
I can see this feature being a nice alternative to having your webcam feed displayed next to your slides. It makes for more streamlined look and puts more focus on the slides and a bit less on the speaker.

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