Sunday, March 13, 2022

Five Chrome Settings You Need to Know

Google Chrome is far and away the most popular web browser amongst readers of this blog (68% of you use Chrome, the next most popular choice is Safari at 20%). If you're using Chrome and or your students use Chrome, there are some helpful settings that you should know how to use. Knowing what these settings do and how to find them can improve the accessibility of websites you and your students use on a regular basis. 

ICYMI - Two EdTech Guys Take Questions - Webinar Recording

Last week Rushton Hurley and I resumed our Two EdTech Guys Take Questions webinar series. If you missed it, you can watch the recording right here or as embedded below. Rushton does a great job of sharing links to all of the resources that we mention in the webinar. That list of resources can along with the slides from the webinar can found right here on the Next Vista website under Season 2, Episode 9. 

The next live edition of Two EdTech Guys Take Questions will be on April 7th at 4pm ET. Register here to join us for the fun.

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