Friday, March 25, 2022

How to Edit Your Videos in YouTube Studio

A couple of days ago a reader emailed me to ask for help cropping a video. Specifically, he wanted to know what I thought would be the simplest online tool for cropping the recording of a livestream. My suggestion was to use the editing tools that are built right into YouTube Studio (the place where you upload videos in your YouTube account). 

Answering that reader's question prompted me to record this video overview of the basics of using the editing tools that are built into YouTube Studio. Watch the video to learn how to:

  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Use hashtags in your video's description. 
  • Crop videos in YouTube studio. 
  • Blur faces and objects in your videos. 
  • Use YouTube's library of music in your videos. 

Newspaper Map - Find and Read Newspapers Published Around the World

Newspaper Map is a neat tool for locating and reading newspapers from locations all around the world. Newspaper Map claims to have geolocated 10,000 newspapers. To find a newspaper you can browse the map then click on a placemark to open the link within to read a newspaper. You can also locate newspapers by using the search boxes to locate a newspaper by title or location. 

In this short video I provide a demonstration of how to use Newspaper Map to find newspapers published in Iceland. The concept I demonstrate works for finding newspapers in other parts of the world as well. 

Applications for Education
When I taught current events as a regular part of my social studies classes I would always show a map of where a story takes place. Tools like Newspaper Map can provide students with a geographic connection to current and historical news stories. Newspaper Map is also a good tool for students to use to discover interesting news stories that might not be featured on global sites like CNN or BBC News.

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