Thursday, May 12, 2022

A Good Place to Find Old Maps Online

Old Maps Online is an online map that you can browse and search to find historical maps to view online, to download, and to print. You can search the map by entering a location or you can just pan and zoom around the world to find historical maps. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to use Old Maps Online.

Applications for Education
The maps that you and your students find could be used as overlays in the Google Earth layers. You might also use the maps for a local history comparison activity by comparing your students' current vision of where they live with what it looked like in the past.

How to Create an Online Course With Three Simple Tools

Summer is coming (in the northern hemisphere) and for many of us that means spending some time participating in professional development activities as a leader, learner, or both. If you find yourself trying to create some online professional development courses for the summer, I have a new video just for you

In this video I demonstrate how to create an online professional development course by using Google Classroom, Screencastify, and EdPuzzle. In the video I show how to use Screencastify to record and build interactive questions into your videos before sharing them in Google Classroom. The video also shows you how to use EdPuzzle to add interactive questions to videos that you find on YouTube then share those activities in Google Classroom. 

On a related note, you might also be interested in these other ways to create online professional development courses to share in your school or school district.

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