Wednesday, May 25, 2022

How to Make a Google Form

YouTube Studio has an interesting analytics feature that shows you what people are searching for on your YouTube channel. It will also show you something called a "content gap." Content gaps are terms that people have searched for but haven't found good content to match their searches. "How to make a Google Form" was a content gap that was identified on my channel. To fill that gap I created a new video that covers the basics of how to make a Google Form. 

In How to Make a Google Form you will see how to:

  • Find Google Forms
  • Customize the look of a Google Form
  • Create a basic questionnaire in Google Forms
  • Publish and share a Google Form
  • View responses to Google Forms
  • Create and distribute Google Forms through Google Classroom. 

Learn more about Google Forms by watching the following videos:

Getting Started With Jamboard - And Ideas for Using It In Your Classroom

This morning I received an email from a reader who wanted to know if I had a video about the basics of using Google Jamboard. While I've made a bunch about various uses of Jamboard, I didn't have a current one about just the basics of Jamboard (my previous one is a little outdated). So this morning I turned on Screencast-o-matic and recorded a new video to demonstrate the basics of getting started with Jamboard. 

In Getting Started With Jamboard I cover the following:

  • What Jamboard is and where to find it. 
  • How to share Jamboards with collaborators.
  • How to write on Jamboard.
  • How to add pages to Jamboard.
  • How to share Jamboard in Google Classroom. 

Watch the following videos for some ideas about ways to use Jamboard in your classroom.

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