Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A Short Explanation of Book Creator in the Classroom

Just in time for the annual ISTE conference the folks at Book Creator have released a new video highlighting how their multimedia ebook tool can be used in classrooms. If you're a regular user of Book Creator, the video won't reveal to you anything you don't already know (I think some new things will be revealed next week). But if you're not familiar with Book Creator or you're responsible for introducing it to teachers in your school, the video provides a succinct overview of Book Creator's key features. 

Watch the video to see short demos of the following Book Creator features:

  • Shapes, fonts, images, and media embeds.
  • Audio recording. 
  • Read aloud. 
  • Magic pen.
  • Teacher dashboard and analytics.
  • Creation collaboration.

Two Ways to Make Your Own Wordle-style Games

Last week I wrote about Strive Math's new Custom Wordle game creator. That little tool can be used to create Wordle-style games based on words of any length. Flippity.net also offers a free template for making your own Wordle-style games for students to play online. Both are easy to use and don't require registration in order to use them or to play the games created with them.

In this short video I demonstrate how to create your own Wordle-style games with Strive Math's free tool and with Flippity's template. 

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