Sunday, July 3, 2022

Geo Artwork - A Fun Game About Geography and Art

If you and or your students enjoy online geography games like GeoGuessr, you need to try Geo Artwork from Google Arts & Culture. 

Geo Artwork is a game in which you view an image of an artwork and then have to guess where in the world that artwork belongs. There are categories for visual arts, sculpture, textiles, books, and places. The places category is based on Google Street View imagery of places associated with or featuring an art work. 

Geo Artwork is played by looking at the image and then placing a pin on a map to guess at the answer. Once the pin is placed you're shown how close or far you were from the correct answer. After viewing the accuracy of your guess you can click through to learn more about the artwork. 

Watch my short video to learn how to play Geo Artwork

How Do Fireworks Work? - Another Question from my Daughters

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and that means there will be fireworks displays in towns all over the United States. My little town is having small display that we'll actually be able to see from our backyard. And this year my kids are old enough to stay up to see the fireworks display. Of course, that also means they're old enough to ask "how do fireworks work?" 

If your kids are also curious about how fireworks work, take a look at the following videos from NPR's SkunkBear, National Geographic, and Reactions to learn about the science of fireworks.

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