Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Rhythm Fit - New Lesson Plans from OPEN Phys Ed

Last spring I highlighted OPEN Phys Ed's National Field Day activities and lesson plans. For the new school year OPEN has published a new collection of lesson plans, activities, and videos for K-8 students. The new collection is called Rhythm Fit. You can access all of the Rhythm Fit resources right now with a free OPEN Phys Ed account. 

Rhythm Fit is a series of physical fitness activities set to music created by Hip Hop Public Health. Don't let that description make you think that Rhythm Fit is just a set of dance activities. As you can see by watching this short video from the Rhythm Fit collection, the activities incorporate equipment commonly found in school gyms. The Rhythm Fit collection includes lesson plans (PDF and Word versions available), activity cards that you can distribute, assessments, and demonstration videos. 

Applications for Education
One of the things that I really appreciate OPEN Phys Ed in general and the Rhythm Fit collection in particular is that kids don't have be natural athletes in order to be successful as they would in traditional physical education activities. Furthermore, OPEN provides suggestions for UDL adaptations to help teachers include all kids in physical education.

Free Email Etiquette Posters

In this week's Practical Ed Tech Newsletter I shared a bunch of resources for teaching about digital citizenship. In that newsletter I included a link to two posters about email etiquette that I created last fall. I also mentioned that Canva is running a free poster printing promotion later this month. 

You can get PDFs of my email etiquette posters for free right here. Once you've downloaded the PDFs you can then import them into your Canva for Education account. Then on August 26th you can request professional printing of the posters from your Canva for Education account. Watch my short video below to learn how to download my email etiquette posters and import them into your Canva account. 

Disclaimer: I do not have any current affiliation with Canva. Read all of the fine print on Canva's offer to find out if you meet the eligibility requirements for their free poster printing offer.

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