Sunday, August 28, 2022

Two Alternatives to Kami for Annotating PDFs

Last week a reader emailed me to ask about some alternatives to Kami for annotating PDFs. She didn't ask because she didn't like Kami. She asked because her school was cutting back on what they would spend for software licensing. I gave her two suggestions which you might also consider if you find yourself looking for an alternative to Kami for annotating PDFs. 

Annotate PDFs in OneNote
OneNote has lots of neat features built into it. One of those neat features is a tool for annotating PDFs. In this short video I demonstrate how you can do that.

Annotate PDFs with Lumin PDF
Lumin PDF is a Chrome extension that enables students to draw on top of PDFs that you open in Chrome. After drawing on the PDF students can save the PDF as a new copy or replace the existing copy of the PDF that was sent to them in Google Classroom. Here's my video overview of how students can use Lumin PDF to write on PDFs that are assigned to them in Google Classroom.

Why Do We Get Dizzy? - Another Question from My Daughters

We're going to Storyland today for the sixth or seventh time this summer (it's one of our favorite family activities). My daughters love to go on a ride called the Turtle Twirl. I don't love it because it makes me quite dizzy and feel a bit of nausea. I've seen many other parents gingerly walk away from the ride. The last time we went to Storyland one of my daughters asked, "why do people get dizzy?" 

If you have children who are also wondering what makes people feel dizzy, SciShow Kids and PBS Kids for Parents have some good explanations to watch. The SciShow Kids explanation is suitable for a K-3 audience. The PBS Kids for Parents video is better suited to an audience of fourth grade through high school.

On a related note, TED-Ed offers a lesson on the mystery of motion sickness. The mystery for me is why do I experience it now (in my forties) but I didn't experience it when I was younger?

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