Monday, September 5, 2022

Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions - Free Event Tomorrow

After a summer hiatus Rushton Hurley from Next Vista for Learning and I will be resuming our Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions webinar series tomorrow evening at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET. Join us for this fun and free half hour event in which we answer all kinds of questions about educational technology stuff. 

Register here to join us for tomorrow's live session. And take a look at past sessions right here. Join us and ask your questions live or send them to us in advance. We'll do our best to answer anything you throw at us. 

A Great Alternative to Quizlet

Three times in the last week I've answered emails from readers who were seeking suggestions for alternatives to Quizlet. Each time my answer was to try Knowt

Knowt is a free tool that I've written about a few time in the last couple of years. It's a tool that you can use to create flashcards from scratch or by importing a document and letting Knowt automatically generate flashcards for you. Additionally, Knowt has a large database of flashcards that you can browse through and add into your own account. 

Knowt does more than just flashcards. It also creates practice quizzes for you. The best part of that feature is the ability to pick a target date for learning the material in a set of flashcards. That target date is then used to create a schedule of practice activities. 

Watch my short video that is embedded below to learn more about how Knowt works and why it's a great alternative to Quizlet. 

Turn Any Quiz Into a Game With Quizalize Games

Disclosure: Quizalize is an advertiser on

Last week I published a blog post about the new games feature of Quizalize. That feature enables you to take any quiz that you've written or any of the premade quizzes in Quizalize and turn it into one of six arcade-style games for your students to play individually or in teams. The video demo that I initially made for that blog post didn't come out quite as well as I would have liked. So this morning I created a new version of it. 

In this short video I demonstrate how to use the new Quizalize games feature. Specifically, I demonstrate the teacher and student perspectives of playing the Kleo the Koala game in team format. The quiz that I used to create the game is an icebreaker quiz that Quizalize provides in all teacher accounts. 

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