Thursday, November 10, 2022

Now You Can Use Focusable Without Registering for an Account

I have been using Focusable since September to help me stop procrastinating and focus on the work that I need to get done when I'd rather be doing something else. Focusable isn't just for adults. In fact, it was created for classroom use. However, Focusable has always required that users register for an account in order to use the platform. That can be an obstacle to using it in some school settings. Focusable has remedied that problem by now offering an option to use the platform without registering for an account. 

Anyone can now use Focusable by simply going to When you use that link you'll be directed to Focusable's countdown timer page. You set the timer for the length of time you need. Once the timer has started you can access the breathing and visualization activities that Focusable offers. 

When you use Focusable without an account you don't have access to the video journaling feature. Nor do you have access to a record of how many Focusable sessions you've done. 

Watch my new video that is embedded below to learn how to use Focusable without registering for an account. 

Fun Facts About Turkeys - And a Digital Turkey Project

We frequently have wild turkeys come through our backyard. And almost as frequently one of my dogs will chase them until they fly off. I was recently telling a friend about this pattern and he said, "I didn't know that turkeys can fly." That's actually a pretty common response if you don't live where wild turkeys live. 

The fact that turkeys can fly is one of many fun facts about them. A couples are that they eat a lot of acorns and they will tear up your lawn looking for grubs and insects to eat. SciShow Kids offers a short video that is full of other fun facts about turkeys.

By watching Fun Facts About Turkeys students can learn a bit about the anatomy of turkeys including what the gizzard does, the calls that turkeys make, and their diets. 

In the fall of 2020 the switch to online and hybrid classes presented lots of challenges and required changing the way that we did some of our "old go-to" activities. For example, I received a few emails from readers looking for some ideas on how to do a digital version of the classic Thanksgiving Thankfulness Turkey project in which students add feathers to a drawing of turkey and each feather has something they're thankful for written on it. My suggestion for creating a digital version of the Thankful Turkey was to use a combination of Pixabay and Google Drawings. I made this short video to illustrate how that process would work. 

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