Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Interactive Math & Science Simulations for Online and Offline Use

PhET is one of my favorite resources for math and science teachers. In fact, it's included as one of my Best of the Web picks for 2022. One of the many things that I like about PhET math and science simulations is that you can use them with or without an internet connection. That's something I recently mentioned to a former colleague and friend who had reached out to me for some help. To help him out I recorded this short video about how to use PhET simulations without an internet connection. 

Video: Free Math and Science Simulations for Online and Offline Use

PhET simulations can also be embedded into Google Sites. Watch the following video to learn how to do that. 

Free Webinars Today and Tomorrow

Today at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT Rushton Hurley and I are hosting the last live episode of Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions and Share Cool Stuff. After two and a half years of hosting these live webinars we're changing formats in 2023, but we wanted to have more live session to end 2022. I hope you'll join us! Register here

Tomorrow at 3:30pm ET I'm hosting Best of the Web 2022. Join me for a live presentation of my favorite new and updated ed tech tools of the year. I'll demo my favorites and answer your questions about them. If you can't make it for the live presentation you can watch the recording on Thursday. It will be posted on Free Technology for Teachers on December 8th. 

Come to the live presentation of Best of the Web 2022 and you'll get a special discount link for 50 Tech Tuesday Tips. 50 Tech Tuesday Tips was curated from more than 400 editions of The Practical Ed Tech NewsletterIn 50 Tech Tuesday Tips you will find ideas for lots of helpful things that you can teach to your colleagues and to students. Throughout the eBook you'll find tutorials and handouts that you can pass along in your school. 

Some of the many things you'll find in 50 Tech Tuesday Tips include:

  • What to do when a web app isn't working as you expect.
  • Building your own search engine.
  • How to create green screen videos.
  • Improving instructional videos. 
  • Streamlining email management.
  • Creating educational games. 
  • DIY app creation.
  • Podcasting tips for teachers and students. 

Biographies in Infographic Form

Last week while looking for a Canva template to create the copyright guide that I distributed in my Practical Ed Tech newsletter I came across an interesting template titled George Washington's Biography. It's a relatively simple template that students could easily modify to create a visual-heavy biography of just about anyone including themselves. 

Applications for Education

Take a look at the template and you'll notice that it's not intended to be used to create an exhaustive biography. Instead, it could be a good template for students to use to summarize a handful of key moments and events in a life of someone they've studied. I might have students use the template as a means to organize those key moments before writing a more in-depth biography.

Take a look at my playlist of 51 Canva tutorials to learn more about how to use and share designs made in Canva.

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